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(Season 1 - Ep7) Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch - Mastering the Mental Game

(Season 1 - Ep7) Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch - Mastering the Mental Game

From penalty kicks to relaxation and confidence building, Dr. Pantusco-Hensch shares her top tips for mastering the mental side of soccer

Show Notes:

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  • Check out Lynn’s “Summer Skills Pack” as discussed on this episode here. Please note, the link may take about 45 seconds to load

Apart from elite-level skill, what helps set pros like Alex Morgan and Lindsey Horan apart from non-professional players? How often should you be practicing mental techniques to strengthen your game? At what age should we start thinking about (and training) the mental side of soccer? How can coaches begin to train their teams to develop collective mental strength? How can you better relax the next time you’re “on the spot” to increase your chances of burying that next penalty?

In this episode, Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch, a former NCAA Division I soccer player and current Sports Psychology Consultant, author, college professor, youth soccer coach and “highly-qualified soccer mom”, talks to us about these questions and so much more as we explore one of the most overlooked aspects of elite-level performance - the mental game.

And Lynn is unquestionably an expert. In addition to her robust background in soccer, she specializes in educational sport psychology, helping athletes improve their mental skill sets. During her career she has worked with individual athletes, teams, athletic departments, and other organizations from the youth level all the way up through the college ranks...and does so with a focus on long-term athletic development.

In this episode we also re-highlight some (great) related advice from our episodes with Bev Yanez and Paige Monaghan, and feature a question from my daughter, Elizabeth, of Racing Louisville’s Youth Academy.

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Dr. Pantuosco-Hensch juggles her age to celebrate her birthday!

Dr. Pantuosco-Hensch taking it to her opponents in high school!

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